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While my Guitar Gently Weeps


Uploaded .

This has probably the least effert i’ve ever put into a song , i was sat at my computer falling asleep , when i had the urge to sing this beautiful George Harrison song , i could’nt be asked to get up and change guitars , so using my PRS Singlecut ,i recorded straight into my Boss BR-800 built in mic’s , and got a sort of acoustic sound , its a good one to do live

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npric00c said

you have a very nice voice as well sir.

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Lady Jane said

I think I may be here a while. Gotta love those Beatles covers :)

Guest said

Digging into all these covers, like this one. Very versatile voice, nice strumming.

Guest said

excellent song. one of the best.

Guest said

The vocals are just too excellent. Enjoyed it very much.

Guest said

Great cover of a kickass tune! You definitely do this one well.

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Mike Grunert said

Nice treatment of songs. You can hit the high notes!

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Tiggy Acworth said

Great cover of a great song...must learn this one! Many thanks for your comments...shame you can't reply to comments on here, can you?!

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Wildgeas Music said

Cool interpretation of one of the best songs ever.

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odh said

Great singing, nice cover

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Dave Berry said

yup.....fantastic job.

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henwrench said

And this is realy something special. What a voice!! So pure...

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hojorising said

That's a great Cover! Well done......

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thetworegs said

Beautiful playing and vocal love it

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Andrew Russe said

Ah... You know I likes this one already, very glad to hear it again. There is something VERY special about this vocal performance.

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Djörk said

great covers. every one a gem. your voice is amazing :)

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richardlaceves said

indeed,, very well done,, it's a great song, and your take is quite fine

Guest said

Well done.

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