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This was done in the aftermath of an evening out with Lady Jane,The two Regs and Jip 1965 which left me in a state i may never recover from and come to think of it may never remember haha
Anyway thanks for a great evening in and out and……until the next time :)

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World War Nine said

Parts are reminiscent of Jack White, messing around in the barn. In a good way.

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Fat Burrito said

Great lyrics and groove!

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Jason Earls said

Very cool, nice playing...

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Rock....nice big dirty tone with whack! Townsendesque tone.

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Roger M. Harris said

Hope there's no YouTube on the way of that night............

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jip said

Did batman ever ride an ostrich? This would have been the backing music if he had!

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Just Jane said

... twinkle, twinkle ... :) OSTRICH!! CROW!??

jip's avatar
jip said

lol - OSTRICH!

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Greg Connor said

Sounds like you are keeping good company these days. It's another foot tapper!

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thetworegs said


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