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Seven Flavors of Milk

Galileo's Cough Drop

This is a pretty simple tune. Its been sitting around for a while because I kept thinking that I was going to add more to it or change it up a bit. That never happened, so here it is. Any suggestions or comments appreciated. :)

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Gene Eric Mann said

Ooohhh, very cool. I dig this compilation and mix-down of sounds. You got a great groove flavoring this one – delicious! You ROCK! Rock on!

Guest said

I have played all your tracks this morning and enjoyed them muchly. It is interesting how your material has developed over time to find it’s direction and to become artistically very clever, full of textures and a great pleasure to listen to.
I believe it began here, and this is my favourite track.

Guest said

You are destined for my car stereo. I am destined for an awesome night out of mischief.

Guest said

nice intro..love the way it comes in around :36.

Janus said

Yummy! :) Makes me wanna go somewhere far away

Guest said

Fab mix, great depth!

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I dig this tune a lot!

Great tones and layers.

Bass line is great!

kirklynch said

Nice to see a new one from you. This is great! Wonderful textures!

Guest said

Mighty good!

launched said

Let’s see… Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coffee, Shamrock…

Just kidding - This one sweeps the imagination. The soundscape is impressive.

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