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Drop Of Water

george schroder

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This is a page from my “sketchbook”. I regularly sit with a guitar and just let the flow of thoughts drift up in words and progressions. I will rather “surf” an idea that arises on some set of words, but I don’t “control” much of this. So it’s a sketchbook. And like a sketchbook, subjects change without notice, style, quality of emotion… It’s a real look into my mind, so be careful, it’s a little goofy in there.

Guest said

what the hell is really going on here???

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forest fagan said

I love this tune! Great sound!

Guest said

Like this very much

Guest said

I find myself listening to Drop of Water on a rainy day in sunny LA... it's great to hear you singing your soul george :)

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James Michael Taylor said

Like the use of the metaphor.

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kirklynch said

Very Nice! Welcome to alonetone!

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