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My First Last Love Song


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This one is dedicated to my dear friend John. Thanks for changing my life for the better….

Also a big thanks to our own Greg Connor who helped me get the chords for my own uke accompaniment, and who kindly played the beautiful guitars.

Here are the lyrics:

My First Last Love Song
© 2015 Colleen Dillon


I want to write
My first Last Love Song
To the man with the honey brown eyes

I want to sing
To all who will listen
Thank god for the light in our eyes

I want to lie
In the arms of that sweet man
Whose strength is offered to me

I want to write you my first Last Love Song
Cuz darling you’re perfect for me

I need to capture these heart thoughts
Before time slips by too fast
Your smile makes my heart flip flop
Could it be that my wish came to pass?

Surrender - the tide - it is coming
Who cares if it ends in a spin
Your love flows to me like sweet spring
I’m throwing my caution to the wind


 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

As somone who teaches photoshop I have to agree nice album art. All I would change is to look at the colour balance and give the body a little blur on the edges to make it "sit" in the picture a little more,

Guest said

Just wanted to comment on your album do amazing graphics. The snake with your upper body is awesome.


"I love this F#*&ing song...sorry about mouth got the best of me" -Barney Flowers


OOHHH WE REALLY DIG THIS...You are going to be at our next shindig, we're thinking martinis on the roof and an earful of GLU! Just Brilliant!

Bacalao's avatar
Bacalao said

nice sounds here too! thanx for yer nice comments... big up!

Piscean Dream Band's avatar
Piscean Dream Band said

Very original! Pretty cool. Love the voice saying "Can we hide."

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Wow this is great Nice one Glu

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

This is one hell of a great track!

Guest said

Something really great about this one, intangible as it may be.

Guest said

Genius track! Cheers Slap...

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mouko79 said

nice chill out song men

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