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Titi Monkey Duet RnB


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titi monkeys duet in the mornings with their mates. I thought a smooth R&B groove would be most suitable for this sample.

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am/fm dreams said


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Oh My Goodness said

donate your brain to science.

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Rod Webber said

Nice- I like the entire concept!

Guest said

cool beats, with a Titi Monkey to boot. how can you go wrong?! long live the monkey.

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Erik Spangler said

i really love what you're doing, using your own field recordings of environmental sounds as sampling material. do you know stephen vitiello's work? less beat-oriented, but touching on some similar ideas of "sound ecology". keep these tracks coming.

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Johnny Stone said


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Sudara said

Oh my god, am I going crazy, or are you? Really pleasent to listen to, glu.

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