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Give Up Yer Gold (Pirate Song)


This is my 2007 Pirate Day song, written and recorded September 19th 2007. I like the innuendo, but maybe it’s too subtle - nobody else seems to notice ;~)

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another cultural landslide said


This Caveman's Fire said

I enjoyed the matter of fact way the pirates issue a death threat. nice song

Gumbo said

Aaaarrrr!! Yer hearts in the right place …. but no ….

Guest said

is the innuendo “Or I’ll send you below”? Jx

Guest said

i cant wait to hear what it sounds like

Wildgeas Music said

Well, blow me down. Me aints no hornswaggler ye landlubbers.
We’ll be dancing the hempen jig!

Gumbo said

re: Cornish - that’s a puzzle then

re: Pirate love songs - plenty of room for a love song - Pirates have big hearts - just ask Davy Jones!

Guest said

Haha, no, you sound about as Cornish as I sound Irish.

I am recording a pirate song for ye right now, arrrh! (It’s more of a pirate love song though…shocker…so it may not fit on ye playlist.)

ShamPain said

Pieces of nine…… Inflation!

ShamPain said

heres one of mine. all about life on the sea, Its called “life on the sea” http://alonetone.com/alanthepayne

glu said

I’d love to participate on the 19th, but I will be in mid-move.. pirate style..will have to take a raincheck me matey, ARRRR

donuts said

Lively tune and lyrics, sung with cannons a-firin’

Gumbo said

Thanks guys and gals. It’s be great to have a few more Piratical Ditty’s slipping through onto the airwaves this year. I’ll be doing another one for sure.
Does my accent sound Cornish?

glu said

hehe, I soooo love this genre.

Guest said


Can we expect another on 19th? Hope so!!!!!!!!

kirklynch said

AAAAARRRRRHH! Matey! I don’t have my pirate to English dictionary in front of me, but I think that translates as “brilliant”

Guest said

Brilliant Gumbo! As a Cornish maid, I love your accent!

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