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Where's the Rum? (Pirate Song)


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This here be last years Pirate Day Song and a little darker as befits it’s murky past.

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thetworegs said

Come on tell me.... where is it...i've been looking i cant find it...... great song ....oh Arrrr

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kirklynch said

HAHA- brilliant! I love the drunken banjo. How much rum was consumed in the making of this one?

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Gumbo said

I believe 'yarrrr' is Pirate for "More Rum, by the salty sheets of Windy Gail". So it could be wearing thin, but is more likely just a little slurred LOL

Guest said

It's over here with the coke. Brilliant! Yarrrr!!! You conjure up the coolest pirates! (Is "yarrrr!!" wearing thin now?)

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