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Eva, By Inge , recorded 27-2-13


I wrote this song for my beloved doughter.

Eva written 28-1-13 by Inge

Fairy, you’re a fairy and very very pretty
I call you Coockie, you are my coockie cause you were born to eat
Choosing your right hand as your best friend
You suck ’m when you sleep
Your beauty is devined as I kiss you when you wheep

You are joy, you are happines and you’re very very smart
You copy like a parret and you laugh out loud when you fart

I am a blessed woman with your hart

Playing with your brother, melting my heart as I am watching you grow
And all the things you already know
You are almost two and you know what to do: you want to do it on your own

Like climbing up the stairs, talking to your bear, running to Daddy makin’ shure he’s still there.
Your eyes are incedible with your smile nothing compattible

I am a blessed woman with your heart.

Mama kijk, means look at me, so I go there to see
Well you painted the Floor, espessially for me

I am a blessed woman with your heart.

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