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Conspiracy Song


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A song about conspiracy theorists. They bug me with their wingeing. “Wah wah wah, it’s not fair” - well do something about it then, instead of claiming some kind of superiority and secret knowledge like we give a damn! Rant over, lol.

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Radio Roswell said

Hey who doesn't love a good conspiracy ? Nice hook melody. The late sixties guitar sound is always a win win with me.

Guest said

Whoa! nICE bLUES.hit em feel. I love in your face Writein. This is right up my pipe line.. Some collab? some day?

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FDR said

Nice one jip!

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Movement To Contact said

Love it.

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Movement To Contact said

FAV'd just on the description. Now onto the song!

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James Michael Taylor said

Like it. Buffalo Springfield written all over it.

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Nick P said

Really like the feel to this....great opening line!

Guest said

Great groove!

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Ross Spencer said

Very catchy.

Guest said

What government official paid you to play this ? Just kidding , cool tune.

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