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An Early Evening

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Guitar/Flute tune

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richardlaceves said

day fades,, music conspires with the fading light,, a magic dance on the floor of my heart,,, very fine piece,,,,

Guest said

I loved the guitar mostly. That's the style of playing I really like.

Guest said

Love that playful flute!

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kavin. said

very cool instrumental, this and shot dead my favorite so far.

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thetworegs said

It's a shame i need sleep i could listen all night but that wouldn't be very productive for tomorrow.. Thanks for a good time.I 'll catch the rest tomorrow. I know i've already commented on this one but this has an excellent feel to it................

Guest said

Nice nice, I like that!

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thetworegs said

beautiful..............that's all i have to say...well i'll just say it again.....Beautiful

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igor said

~I do not like rock'n'roll music... It's too loud... I like soft music, pop music... Ah! Polka, for instance, or something like this one tune~ ^_^