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Smokin (RPM2011)

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The doctor has told thetworegs something they don’t want to hear. So they funk it out…….. RPM2011

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Gumbo said

Yeah Yeah! I said "Yeah Yeyeah!" Time to let Dr John out of the cupboard!

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Dirty Spirits said

thanks for being such a great listener on alonetone. thetworegs are a living part of this site. your music is so very inspirational and incredibly dynamic. awesome RPM!

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kavin. said

been smokin James Brown? Good luck with that drug/alcohol thing.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

there's such a treasure trove of goodies on your playlist page. i may get lost in ere and never return. Funk it out, Dr. Feel Well

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Sandy Gritt said

overpowered by skunk! I can relate.

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Dirty Spirits said

toot toot. awesome!

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Rob and Laura said


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Wildgeas Music said

Razzle Dazzle - I'm sure the good Doc would much rather you pop some pill$.

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Norm said

Oh so funky.

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vaisvil said

you two are Mr Funk!!

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Dave Berry said

Thats funk man....take care of yourselves...the world doesn't have enough Reg' is the only think that keeps the gravity just right...otherwise its straight into that black hole...funk it guys, funk it

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rob mills said

Excellent! Captain Beefheart goes funk.

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KraftiM said

Nice! Should it be combined with Stop Me ? ;)

Guest said

Fantastic!!!!!!! Love it!

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

hahahaha. Once is enough to know twice is not enough. Loved the opening and that annoying panning. Hugely enjoyed.

Guest said

The intro was smoking, wish i could relate to that now (but maybe later:)....a fun track indeed!

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angie fights crime said

smokin something alright

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epimeison said


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kirklynch said

Great fun track! I don't suppose that the doctor would be satisfied if just one of the regs quit?

Guest said