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Winter Nacht act 1

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my contribution/offering to this years RPM…Does it ever happen that angels or devils perhaps walk among us mortals here on our earth?? Winter Nacht is a 11 act dialogue between two travelers who meet in the winter twilight, on a road in the German forest in the year 1750,, night falls as the two walk along,,, talk travels from music to gossip to politics and finally to faith,,one is a young musician returning from listening to a local choir and the other is??? not sure i ever did find out the answer to that one.. i hope you enjoy Richard

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twirretwarre said

Very special... for me as the dark days in December, they call the days before Christmas:-) Great atmosphere in your music! Good! :-)

Guest said

That sounds great. Wonderful strings and voices. Love this music!

Guest said


Guest said

Wendy totally hit the nail on ze head! I would only add sumptuous! I love the concept also.

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Jason Earls said

wow, intense and moving!

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Peter Fedofsky said

Glad to finally be getting some listening in. I've been meaning to check out your RPM stuff this year, and I'm going to have to listen to this whole sequence/work in one sitting to get it all in. This is sounding marvelous, Richard.

Guest said

Oh my word, this is sensational! Bethan's bathtime music!

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kirklynch said

Great piece of work this is!

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launched said

This is fabulous, Richard. Brilliant soundscape and well constructed! Mark

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igor said

~and finally to fight~ Finally: the struggle of opposites, the conflict between light and darkness, inconsistencies of beginning and end. Type of music: the Messiah. Or what we understand as it is.

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Johnny Stone said

Very cool my friend. Dark but with hope. Very well done mate.

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vaisvil said

nice! - what choir did you acquire?

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thetworegs said

excellently dark......

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another cultural landslide said

Dark, rich, and, luscious w;-)