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It's Not Enough

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Top Of The Pops circa 1972! Remember when all those bands in the early 70’s where adding synth to every song but the lyrics meant something (sometimes)? Pure excitement, pure bubblegum, pure fun. Well, this is my offering and thanks to all of them. (and you)

Guest said

That's a hot beat! :D I love it! :D

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Endicott Road said

There are two main reasons you still hear 70's music on the radio. 1) the copyright has run out and the station doesn't have to pay royalties any more, and 2) the music is better than everything else out there. Your music falls into the second category. ER

Guest said


Guest said

Cool KEYS!!

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Andrew Russe said

I've run out of words... I've broken me "Favourite" button... And your rhythm guitar playing... wow... you've got the same thing going that Malcolm Young has.

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Gumbo said

And This!! yes 1972! I'm right back in that living room (and the speakers are way better)

Guest said

This is so retro, fantastic!

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kavin. said

Great rockin album Gary! So far this is my fave.

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another cultural landslide said

Such a "Badfinger" feel to this album! One of my favorite bands from back then! Excellent track! w;-)

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Dirty Spirits said

totally has a cheaptrick vibe. great song. lots of fun.

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Dweeb said

Alright, you've kinda outdone yourself this year. This is insanely hot.