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Wild Mountain Thyme (trad.-verse lyrics by William Easley)2

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I thought it would be fitting to post this today, on Memorial Day, as a tribute to my friend William Easley, as well as all who have fought and died in wars, American or otherwise.

Sometime back in the 60’s William (Billy from here on) heard this Scottish song performed on television, and tried to remember the lyrics, but could only recall the chorus, so he came up with his own verses, turning it into a love-going-off -to -war song. I’ve always wanted to record it for posterity and finally did last night, amazing myself by remembering all the words.

After losing touch with him for several years, I learned the other day that Billy had passed last year, on his birthday, November 30. He was a very talented artist and musician, and has many works on display here in Texas and around the world. I was lucky enough to jam with him on a regular basis for a couple of years and share stages with him. I credit him for bringing me out of my musical shell and teaching me to follow any and all creative impulses. I will miss him very much.

Music and Chorus by Tannahill/McPeake, verses by William Easley

Guest said

Very good!!!

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Gene Eric Mann said

Excellent. Great execution on the guitars, great delivery with the vocals. Beautiful, moving, touching, tasteful. Fabulous.

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surmised said

Very nice old school sound

Guest said

Excellewnt, strong vocal dilivery with some inventive support

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Andrew Russe said

Wonderful :-)

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Pablo Pax said

Nicely done Kavin. I always liked this song and your take on it. How about Spencer the Rover next? John Martyn does a great version (I imagine you may well be familiar with it...)

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xenotolerance said

beautiful tone, dig your voice here

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issleneandleo said

Great track!

Guest said

Nice one ....but lay off them british redcoats ,we're all buddies now ! 80)

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate

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kavin. said

I stand corrected Bee! You can't always trust Wiki!

Guest said

Oh, this is most touching! I've always loved this melody and Bee likes slide!

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Greg Connor said

A very thoughtful tribute, beautifully played.

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kirklynch said

The slide addition is a really nice touch!

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kavin. said

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I uploaded a new version with a little bit of slide.

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Gumbo said

That's the stuff!

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Tim Bond said

Beautiful. Love that guitar sound

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jip said

Good version.

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Norm said

Here's to Billy!

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Endicott Road said

Very nice folk song. Well done. ER

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kirklynch said

A lovely tribute! Beautiful man!

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Rick Phillips said

Beautiful Kavin

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another cultural landslide said

Beautiful track. And such a touching story. Thank you, Kav. I'm deeply moved. w;-)

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thetworegs said


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another cultural landslide said

Wow. Just... Wow. k

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