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An outtake from the Uthemandi project. I laid some guitar and fretless bass synth over Will’s drum/synth track.

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another cultural landslide said

Umm hmm, oh yeah. What a smooth groove. w;-)

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate

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Endicott Road said

A friend of mine once called this kind of jam session "noodling", as in "straight from your noodle (pointing to his head) to the guitar". This is a primo "noodling" session. ER

Guest said

Slinky, smooth, tres cool!

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FDR said

Umm like that and some!


i like the textures

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Will I Ram said

really not much synth, all experiments with effects over guitars and then stretched or feedback recording problems that turned into dial tone like drone sounds. Awesome either way you brought it, dude!

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Richard Hardrick said

KAVIN: the music man!!! Great track!!!

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kirklynch said

Damn! This some kind of cool!

Guest said

Kavin, I didnt know I needed a Fretless bass too. You gotta stop opening all these doors. Iam a broke-down Musician, Let me borrow that bass ,Now!

Guest said

soooo good!

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Greg Connor said

Interesting ... It brought to mind a video that I have of the Grateful Dead.

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xenotolerance said

excellent tones. just too cool

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Keith Landry said

Verrrrrry cool sounds, Kavin! Always amazed by what you'll come up with next.

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