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Smoke And Gin


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A short unfinished jazzy kinda thing from the end of 2006

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slkrell said

Gin n quinine more jazz on alonetone please

Guest said


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Norm said

Totally pro. Dig it!

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice, must have missed smooth..

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Johnny Stone said

Great track Kirk cool bass dig it mate.

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shortbusmusic said

Great tune, reminds me of early George Benson.

Guest said

this sounds like some pretty smoke and toxic gin.

Guest said

gotta listen to anything with "smoke" in it.. hehe

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yote said

you have some wonderful stuff up here.

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moschell said

This isn't long enough. Nice playing.

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kavin. said

Short and sweet!

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glu said


Guest said

your guitar work is great. it's so reminiscent of something and i just can't figure it's like the result of david gilmour and robert fripp's kids having a kid.

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Lalo Oceja said

I always loved smoke and gin since the first time I heard it... you made a great work here kirklynch, thank you

Guest said

How lovely and dreamy.

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Drew said

i really appreciate the effortless perfection the guitar lines carry. the wah suits your style nicely on jimi jam. could also be a robin (trower) jam. nice.

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eshar said

Thank you for listening to my latest upload. I really like this track of has a real warmth to it...and it sounds very mellow.

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Richard Hardrick said

A FRETLESS BASS!!! great atmosphere. A master piece!!!

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Lalo Oceja said

smoke and gin...= good music!! :)

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