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Limit Glimpsing Kindness (for Cheryl-Lynn)

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions

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Think about it both ways:
A kind noting of limitation-
A grateful noting, on the part of limited one, of kindness

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Vaughn Hamilton said

Wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the inspiration. This is a rad song too. See you soon

Guest said

I LOVE it!!! You sound GREAT - I love your sound, man!! Incredible with the background - should be a movie sound track...... tom

Guest said

Love the horn!

Guest said

I feel good about this one or rather it makes me feel good. reminds me of the music to the cool movies of the 60's. The word Detective comes to mind....

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Wildgeas Music said

You should change your name to Joe Cool!!! Sunglasses and all......

Guest said

another cool the vibe.

Guest said


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Johnny Stone said

Another very cool one mate dig it.

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thetworegs said

Love that horn dancing about it's leading me somewhere like the pied piper, lets hope i don't end up in the river. Good one

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