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This Is Wilsun

Letter Seventeen

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A large portion of this record was written with my friend Wilsun in mind. If anything, this is an album to amuse him. To ensure I achieved that goal, I tried to write a song that reminded me of “Life In A Northern Town”, although it actually sounds more like “Under The Milky Way”. Regardless, Wilsun loves both of those songs and the Robots wrote some great lyrics.
Oh - and I stole that diminished chord from Sean Lennon’s “Dead Meat”. :)

I’m standing here in Wilsun
A small town in the north
The streets are empty
But the memories linger on
I’m thinking of the past and the love we shared
But now it’s just a ghost town and I’m left feeling scared

Cause this is Wilsun
A place we used to call home
But now it’s just a memory
Of a time that’s gone
Cause this is Wilsun
A place we used to call home
Hold on to my memories
And think of you

I’m walking through the streets where we used to walk
I’m passing by the places where we used to talk
I’m hearing echoes of the laughter
Echoes of the tears
But now there’s only silence
And it’s ringing in my ears

I’m leaving Wilsun
With a heavy heart
But I’ll always remember
What we tried to start
I’ll try to hold the memories that we used to share
And remember the good times when we were there

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Colleen Dillon said

Love this!!! Going to be my ear worm for today I'm sure.

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Aged Machine said

This is amazing…

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Keith Landry said

GREAT track!

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