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Thing in Bb

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Hanging out in the living room with one of my sons, just making stuff up. I wish I’d had the recorder closer to him - whistle too loud, guitar too soft.

Guest said

Bb be beautiful, Lisa

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Omell said


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Lake Fork Verne said

I like this one Lisa

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Lady Jane said

I'm not sure how I found myself back here tonight, but the synchronicity is not lost ... just an hour ago, I told my hubby - yes, told him! - to buy me a recorder (which sounds a little like the penny whistle) x

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Lady Jane said

This is gorgeous! I must get myself a recorder :)

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kirklynch said

Wonderful! I'm stealing that tune!

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Endicott Road said

Listened to all your latest and liked everything I heard. The recorder was lovely, and so was your voice. Will be back for more. ER

Guest said

Wonderful original compositions! Pure talent.

Guest said

again buetyfull

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Lisa D said

mikey 45011: it's a Bb pennywhistle. (And thank you for the kind comments everyone.)

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mikey45011 said

i dont know you do it but you do it right,what kinda flute is that anyways?

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Mischief Of Dean said

Pretty melodies in the beginning; that's some type of flute, am I right? A pan flute, maybe? In any case I am really digging the sounds in this. <3

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igor said

~heaven in a living room~

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Greg Connor said

Very Pretty! I suspect that is natural room reverb ... very effective!

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terrysongs said

I'm lost driftin' in green fields and lonesome for more