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One of my personal favorite recordings from the 52 song MYTHOPOETICA demo collection, even though there’s a sound quality issue (the bass had a bit of a buzz). This was my first time using a wammy bar – I liked it!


You can’t ride this winter, Girl
Come inside and give a whirl
Have a drink and sit a while
Let us see your plastic smile

You can’t fly this weather, Miss
Let us watch you give a kiss
Have a seat and have a smoke
Share some lies and tell a joke

Plastic Girl, she wears a perm
Crawls the ground just like a worm
Plastic Girl, her lips are green
Just an old recycled scene

You can’t drive this blizzard, Gal
We just want you for a pal
Light a fire and rest your feet
Let us see what we can eat

Keeps her face beside the mirror
Eyes of stainless steel
Never shows a grain of fear
Yet someday she’ll peel

Keeps her eyes inside her skin
Near her plastic heart
Vanity, her telling sin
Watch her fall apart

Guest said

What's happened to Gene??? Oh no.......

Guest said

Really sad to see you leave like this. May you shine bright from above and keep the Angels doped with your music. RIP brother.

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James Michael Taylor said

What interesting lyrics... "Keeps her eyes inside her skin" Really clear pictures.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Interesting song lyrics.

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Nice guitar and atmosphere on thisun.

Bent2Break's avatar
Bent2Break said

Very cool song, love the feel...Great job!

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Slinky and very cool. Loving your late night gravelly vox...

Guest said



Suzy Creamcheese alive and well in 2015? I just had some sort of weird flashback to a college FM station around 3 a.m.

4barrelcarb (4BC)'s avatar
4barrelcarb (4BC) said

I recall this one great to hear it again :)

AwolHouse's avatar
AwolHouse said

Back for another listen...awesome! -Wrinkled Shirt's shadow

Guest said

oh and downloaded! you nailed this!

Guest said

Haha title drew me in, it reminds me of a track i did 2-3 years ago 'Plastic purple wedding'...i feel ya!:)

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Richard Hardrick said


Guest said


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