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This demo recording turned out particularly well, especially when compared to how most of my MYTHOPOETICA recordings sound. The lead guitar employs an Eastern Folk scale and style of picking, greased with GEM-style Blues butter.


Welcome to the show, old friend
We owe so much to you
For directing your own script
For staring with us too

Welcome to the play dear friend
The orchestra is yours
Now presenting Super You
Conducting your own score

Super You has got the power
And Super You has got control
Super You can save the hour
Now Super You is on a role

Welcome to the stage, old friend
The one and only You
If we all but fall in line
Then You can pull us through

Heading down a dreadful pit
It takes awhile before you hit
Then you’ll see the world spins on
‘Cause after all you’re not the sun

You can stop the plummet, You
So tell us what you’re going to do
Take a clue from off the floor
From all the ones who fell before

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Imaginative chord progressions. Sad you're gone.

Guest said

Working my way back on your music catalog. this is fantastic. trippy washed guitars and the lyrics are spot on.

Guest said

Yup... I'm a sucker for Eastern influence :)

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igor said

The second day with Gene's music. The flight is OK, all the systems are working in normal mode, psychedelic.

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