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Too Many Years

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Too Many Years

It’s been too many years since I’ve seen you
But sometimes that face appears before me
I still don’t understand what went on
I refuse to believe that you could possibly really hate me

And of the people that I have known
You remain one of the biggest mysteries
You see I don’t understand, the motives the reasons
And besides what lives, this pain lives with me,
This pain lives with me

In this world there’s too many things that I… disagree
In this world there’s too many things that I… can’t change

I don’t know what you been thinking
But at least I can say for me
My intentions are good, my meaning to be free
I don’t want to carry this pain until my grave

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Guest said

Nice lyrics, Chris! Very true, true, and poetic. Thanks for writing this!

Guest said

Cool song!

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Norm said

Nice! Drumming sounds great and the guitar work is excellent.