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Around And Around

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still raining so the £16 special came out…….
Around & Around (Lyrics)
Now you are my lady and i’ll never understand why you had to runaround with that other man
you know you’d send me crazy you know that i’m not sound when you leave me on my own and your not around
why are running, why are you gone ,why you left me here singing sad sad songs
my heads going up and its not coming down and then it starts to spin around and round
i don’t know what i’m doing i cant think straight i’m afraid my heads is going to break
its going up and down
Up and down around and around
the number 9 you climbed on i raced along chasing at the dream that didn’t belong
your were looking straight ahead ignoring me cold like i was already dead dead and gone
the conductor looked with pity in his eye as the big red bus went flashing by
my heads going up its not coming down oh my god its going round and around
i don’t know what i’m doing i cant think straight i’m afraid my heads going to break
its going up
its going up
and it wont come down
its going up it wont come down
Now come on baby, you cant leave me baby right now because my heart is bleeding and i’m on the ground
i’m confused i don’t know what i’ve done to make you leave me and run and run
i lie here crumpled crying in the street my soul i open looking at defeat
my head is spinning it wont come down it just keeps going around and around around and around it wont come down

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Guest said

great noise. thanks for checking out my stuff too and for the perspectives on whatever, we appreciate. its great to see that there's people making some music that matters.

Guest said

This does indeed move move move!

Guest said

Settle down boys! No one mentioned the sweet child! Ahem, good song Reg, well sung and played.

Norm's avatar
Norm said

NO! NO NO NO! Reg, in western Kansas, where I was raised, if a coyote killed a calf, we would put cyanide into it's carcass in hopes that the coyote would return to feed again. That's how you could tell a smart coyote from a dumb one. You would never see the smart one again. The dumb ones would be found next to the carcass. My point is, if you are in anyway contemplating reuniting with Desiree, remember this story. [This moves nicely! What is that cool noise right at the very beginning?]

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

Desiree is back? Awesome tune!

Guest said

This regs like it should!