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Dead To Rights

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Dead To Rights

Running to the summit, a smile every mile
Keep on gunning for it, and you’ll get there in a while
Using every gambit, in the full throttle style
That’s how the race is run
Staring down the crown, (locked) tight within your sights
Fear nothing in this town, glow bright as a light
Knock ’em all down, got ‘em dead to rights
That’s how the game is won
Pumping out the power, showering the crowd
Ninety miles an hour, full blasting loud
Scale every tower, silencing the proud
The spectacle has begun
Living in the moment, never looking back
Trying to re-invent, planning your attack
Feverishly hell-bent, hanging on the track
Show ‘em how it’s done

In the dead of the night, in the heat of the fight
At the speed of light, the fire ignites
In the heat of the night, in the thick of the fight
Like an eagle in flight, got you dead to rights