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Hang Ups

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Hang Ups

We got our kinks, or something peculiar
I’m on the brink, you’re feeding me lines
Stop and think, or call on your savior
Your weakest link, is tugging on mine

Fix me a drink, neat or its dirty
Ship starts to sink, then throw me a line
Life in the pink, do you think I’m worthy??
(Use) my blood as ink, every line that you sign

Hey Man, whatcha thinkin’??
Holdin’ back from me all the time
Hey Man, Whatcha drinking??
Acting like you’re so sublime

Well you’re always tripping out on something
When your mind is always racing ‘round
and you’ll end up entertaining nothing
Cuz them hang ups wanna keep you down

Then I try to start forgetting this whole thing
To get both feet back onto the ground
Drop me a line, blow up everything
Hang up on me without a sound

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KCsGroove said

tight band! rock on KC