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Outta Sight

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Outta Sight

Flip topping, cherry popping
Never stopping to look inside
Wearin’, tearin’ with power steering
And I’m veering off into the night
I disappear outta sight

Short days in so many ways
I’m amazed I’m not sleeping
Caffeine dreams from way back in my teens
It seems the past comes creeping
Then disappears outta sight

I walk the halls at night
I keep the exits in sight
I curse the breaking light
While I nurse myself back to life
I hide my fears from the truth
I keep on running away
I frame the years of my youth
But never put ‘em on display

Batting lashes and bad porn ‘staches
They do not know what they have done
You stash your past in a laundry basket
‘Insert 4 quarters to run’
A new cycle’s begun

Tail chaser a mind erasure
I need some space to plant my peeve
Knee jerkin’ and chicken fried Gherkins
And more tricks up my sleeve
Than you could ever believe

I walk the streets the streets at night
I keep my enemies in sight
I curse the spinning lights
As they nurse me back to life
I drown my tears in the truth
So why are you running away
I framed the years of my youth
But never put ‘em on display

(Pssst) you read my story now go write your own
At least flip through the pictures
But don’t bore me with the sold-out truth
And then preach it like scripture
Sorry, I didn’t mean to lecture

I climb the walls at night
I can’t keep my spirit inside
I let my dreams see the light
They nurse me back to life
I shoot the fear straight to my vein
With you right by my side
Trapped by the shameless chains
And never put ‘em on display

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Andrew Russe said

"Knee jerkin’ and chicken fried Gherkins" - classic, lol