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Shadows Of Doubt

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Shadows Of Doubt

It seems as I get older
I find less and less there is to say
I just shrug my shoulders
Politely walk away
I tend to pull in from the edges
Try and tuck it all inside
refuse to do battle
Even when i know that i’m right

guess I’m burning from the inside out
Still learning what its all about
Less concerned with all thats falling out
I’m turning away from the shadows of doubt

I refuse to grow meaner
I swear its all just child’s play
I strive to get better
despite what others say
No I’m not a settler
Just let come what may
i guess i’ll try to live leaner
seems less means more to me these days

guess I’m burning from the inside out
I find i’m turning away from the crowds
Yearning a bit too loud
Turning away from the shadows of doubt

and there’s lessons for all to endure
and there’s blessings behind every door
confessions will lead to my cure (pure)
no longer question what for

I don’t claim to have grown wiser
I’ve lived far too foolish for that
I don’t wear no disguises
I ‘m finally cool with who I’m looking at
A simpler existence
You learn to take less than you give back
Lay down your resistance
and start to rethink your attack