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Higher Spirit

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Higher Spirit (The Only One)

There’s a higher spirit
Nothing comes near it
I do declare it’s quite a ride
And the heart will chase it
Egos embrace it
You can’t erase it from your life

And when ya can’t escape the rain clouds
And when ya can’t avoid the sun
And when ya wake up in the cold, gray dawn
You…. you’re the only one

And I can feel the ground
Tremble all around
Knocking me down, off my feet
And I can taste your salty sea
Rolling off my cheek
As I paddle on out to the deep

It was half past six
Give or take a few ticks
When I saw it flicker in the sky
Just remember any falling star
Just might leave a scar
Should it land in your eye
(right in yo’ eye)

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Andrew Russe said

Love it! And a fine end to a rockin album - nice one.