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Grey Matters

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Chris’s tune, lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Toms Mandolin
Johnnys keys

Grey Matters

Pale grey.. my blanket of birth… For what it’s worth
No one can say

Frozen hue.. bequeathed to me..
The powers that be
But what colors you?

You can change your color
And love one another

Pale grey.. the cloak of my life….
Internal strife
Fog of war stayed

Familiar, this color becomes
The mind numbs
Waning similar

You can change your color
And love one another
We are more than illusion
In this cloak of confusion
(Grey Matters)

Pale grey.. my burial shroud..
Life be not proud
On my merry way

Color change, passing strange
Mystified, cloudy eyed
Dizzying ledge, razors edge
Ego shatters, Grey matters
Silent shout, over and out

Guest said

Lyrics are simple yet deep. Relaxing.