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Poor Mans Paradise

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Tom and Chris’s tune, Toms lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, mando, banjo, harp and some keys
Chris drums - Johnny Keys

Poor Mans Paradise

I was born in a thunderstorm
Rolling down highway one
With the poor mans tax upon my back
Before i ever begun
And momma cried when daddy died
And i was still a kid
You can sell your soul for a pile of gold
But my daddy never did
I swear he never did

And i take heed in my daddys free advice
‘Never give up your poor mans paradise’

Well i grew up quick and way too lean and probably a bit too high
Never could see beyond the week
Never could save a dime
Perhaps a drip upon my lip and i drown in bad decisions
Over slaved and under paid ain’t no way to make a living
No its no way to make a living

And i work everyday but i still cant pay the price
And i play the game but i cant say i play nice
And i’m drenched in the stench of your advice
But I still can’t leave my poor mans paradise

Now i’m an old man with broken hands and a boulder on my back
Every day is like yesterday i cant keep from losing track
How long can i carry on before they take whats left?
Leave me cold with just my soul and you can toke the rest
Yea roll n smoke the rest

Cuz i worked all my life but still cant find the rent
I gave it all i got and i still cant make a dent
If you’re looking for me well theres no need to look twice
I’m never giving up my poor mans paradise

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Andrew Russe said

Loving the banjo, harp, etc vibe

Guest said

Love the backwoods feel. Craving the Moonshine.