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Toms tune, lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, mando,
Chris drum / back vocal
John Otto - Penny Whistle / great keys/ Spirit

Well my girl n me got a front row seat
To the next world war
We stood in line for quite some time
Its something we never seen before
And after several hours well this meat-head bouncer finally opened up the door
Stoned and scared we stood n stared
Wondering what we’re fighting for

Woah oh ummerica my country tis of thee
Woah ummerica, who will rescue thee?

I’ve crawled up to your border, I brought you drinks I took your order and you took my kids away
You blamed it on Satan who’s still living in mom’s basement and writing checks to the NRA (and the triple K)
They say it makes ya stronger if you could hang on just a little longer while they test your grip
You want i should raise the baby, the one you gave me when you raped me and yet you leave this shitty tip?

Woah oh ummerica I hear ya calling me
Woah oh ummerica i fear you’re falling free
Woah oh ummerica it’s a miracle you’ll need
Woah oh ummerica who will rescue thee

“HEY! Step right up to the greatest show on Earth, when the going gets tough, ya gotta hit em where it hurts…”

I sat down at your table, i was willing and i was able but just couldn’t bring myself to eat
All the Super-sized on pesticides all the starving at your feat
And this rock is getting hotter, yet you cater to the fodder of those talking heads
Keep on taking from the bottom we’re better off up here without em
At least thats what the slogan said

Woah ummerica, from sea to shining sea
Woah ummerica, my home of the free
Woah ummerica, my lady liberty
Woah ummerica who will rescue thee

Take my arms Take my legs
Oh pretty baby dont ya take my head

This land is your land This land is my land

Guest said

Clever title! Can't agree with the political message, but it's such a catchy tune.