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You Were There

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Toms tune, lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass
Chris drums Johnny Keys

You Were There

You were there
With yellow flowers in your hair
And the summer air seemed to get us high
The county fair
Was lit up like a caution flare
And it was there
I believe i caught your eye
Like a pop fly,
in the tall grass at the end of July
Like a firefly
Lights the darkest night

You were there
In the darkest depths of my despair
With a certain flare
Of which i’ve come to rely
Like a sunrise
​Still to my surprise sets every night
Like a sacrifice
Required to survive
And the broad daylight
Dies in vain most every night
The front porch light
Lights the darkest nights in my life were the ones that i couldn’t spend with you
The darkest world is the one where dreams can never come true

It was summers eve
the brightest stars i have ever seen
Could you believe
Another one’s gone by
In harbor bay, on cool night late in May
To my dismay
We’ve crossed the great divide
And i lost my mind
That I’ve never been willing or able to find
Like a flash of light
Into a world that’s gone blind
And the red tail lights
Burn like fire thru the innocent pines
I keep it locked up tight
All Inside of my mind

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Andrew Russe said

Another mighty fine album. Well done guys :)

Guest said

Crack some Highlifes and enjoy these jams

Guest said

Like drinking a beer in front of a campfire.