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Chris’s tune lyrics, vocals drums, bass and acoustic guitar, Toms electric guitar, Johnnys Keys


Fix me baby, give me a fix
Open up your bag of tricks
Build it up now, lay the bricks
Sugar on top, then stir the mix

All that rhythm, you make me rhyme
I’ll be around if you got the time
Full bodied like the fine wine
Look just as good from the behind

I’m digging on your vibe (good god girl)
Oh yeah you make me so alive (good god girl)

Little Red, the wolf big and bad
your Angelina, I’ll be your Brad(ley)
Faster now don’t slow your roll
Forget the slice, I want it (w)hole

Her wanton need for the seed
Takes me over, then far exceeds
One look at me and the wolf is freed
Punish me for every good deed

There is no honor among thieves
In stolen gems or hearts upon sleeves
Take it all now, before it leaves
Everything you give, you shall receive

Fix me baby give me a fix
I’ve been so bad, I deserve forty licks
Sign your name, hot chicks with Bic’s
Break my bones, stones and sticks

That’s the story, now go on get
Hard work, blood, tears and sweat
What a treasure I can’t forget
Come again, there’s no end to it

Guest said

whew, beach party!

Guest said

Excellent!!! I'm clutching my pearls and tapping my foot at the same time.