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I'm Not Saying

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Toms tune, lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass
Chris Drums
Johnny Keys

I’m Not Saying

An old expression goes
“The more you learn the less that you know”
Now i’m not preaching but perhaps we’ve been teaching it wrong

And it grows old in our minds
Since the beginning of all our time
They’re your words singing while my heart is beating the song

And i’m not saying we all should just be playing along
I’m just praying we all could get along

Theres a moment in time
And it can happen any ol night
when I feel like talking but you keep walking away

A wize ass once said
“They’ll be time to sleep when you’re dead”
But i got a question
Why you been resting all day?

And i’m not suggesting that anyone be resting these days….you see
Half the worlds asleep while the other half is in chains
And i’m not saying we all stop pressing on
I’m just praying we all can just get along

And they’ll be lessons learned
And there’ll be sections burned in our minds
That keep on repeating and
Stealing our sleeping at night

And theres a ghost in the hall
Or maybe its just nothing at all
But i keep feeling
The chill of open windows of old

And i’m not saying we all don’t deserve the cold
I’m just saying we all have the right to grow old
And i’m not saying ‘quit complaining and do as you’re told’
I’m just praying we all can get along