Tharek Ali Mokbul

Tharek Ali Mokbul

from London, United Kingdom

About "Magpie"

By OsCKilO

RC300 Looper

Mummy’s in the kitchen working out her dreams….
Tempted by the torture that she always feels.
Running out of things that she wants to steal.
You’re the apple of her eye…
She just wants to feel….

Scared of the things that she sees in part.
No Yin..
No Yang..
No Good…
No Heart…..

She took you like a magpie took a diamond ring.
Now she keeps on running back in to her dreams.

See her mum set her in a broken cast,
Full of broken dreams from a broken heart.
She based her world on a broken past.
Away, Lost in time.

Spread no strength so they spread their lies.
I’m standing.
I’ve reached the showdown.

You think you know it all,
and what you do is big…
I’ll tell you, worst of all,
You’ll never see it……

I tell you how it seems.
You tell me that I’m wrong.
Say who am I to see,
And then your running…..

You’re really on your knees,
But on them by default….
And every word you shout,
You’re really praying….

Should you hear your words,
Would it break your spell?
Give you time to breath…
Your Jinn and Tonic….

Spread no truth so the spread their lies.
Remember that I love you and this beat don’t end.
Remember to call if you need a friend.
You’re bigger than the demons running around in her head….

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