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No Need

Tharek Ali Mokbul

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“No Need”
Music and Lyrics by OsCKilO 2013

I had never seen a place so cold…
Glad I don’t live there any more.
Happy that I like the simple life…
Bright lights.
Sun and Moon.
Any Star that lead away from you.

Now I move on, not moved by you…
Now I stand tall, No Thanks to you…
Now I save hope but not for you…
Now is more real to me than you…

So I walk on free and easy…
Like a dog off the lead I find no need to pull.

So I stay so free and easy….
And I find life oh so real….
And oh so good….

Trust became a chain for you to pull.
You choke me with the pain that you store up.
I pray that you live a day of peace.
One you…
Didn’t steal…
Left to live your Lie another day..

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henwrench said

Sounds great!

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Nice punchy upfront sound.

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Lady Jane said

Thank you - I needed that :) x

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thetworegs said

Excellent T....I though it was a cat Stevens and had to check who it was singing and of course it was you excellent song

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Andrew Russe said

Yo T :-) Good to hear some new stuff from you. Like it.

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