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Sound of my living room.....

Tharek Ali Mokbul

Songcrafters.org did a “Live in the living room "festival recently…

The only music I can play in my living room these days is the odd lot of contemplative classical guitar, as anything else would wake up the family at night… :)

Here is a improv/noodle on the axe…

Interesting experiment if you fancy it…….Can you guess what i’m thinking about when i’m playing…

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Latest Comments

Guest said

Lovely m8

Djörk said

beautiful sounds

Wildgeas Music said

A fine display T. Real nice.

Movement To Contact said

Very nice man.

Guest said

Oh my. What wonderful changes. Completely adoring the medieval folk flavours. Played so beautifully…

Guest said

Great technique bud.From Carulli,Pujol technique to a warmth emphasised by…
Wondering what would be created by visiting the “Glen.”

thetworegs said

great playing T……..

thetworegs said

Nice playing T………..

kirklynch said

Wonderful playing there!

Greg Connor said

Pretty! I like the sound of that classical guitar.

kavin. said

Very very nice Mr.O.

Guest said

Ahh, Tharek that’s lovely!

Keith Landry said

…And I have no guess what you might be thinking of, but it makes me think of the oncoming longest night of the year.

Keith Landry said

Outstanding song, T! So beautifully arranged and cleanly played. As always, I’m so impressed by your acoustic skills.

Faved. Faved again if I could.

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