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Heaven's Light

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This was written about the longing for heaven and reuniting with our loved ones.

Heaven’s Light

Intro: 4/4 D / D (DA#EG) / D / (EA#DF#) :// D ://

D G Em A
I will see you in the morning
After the long , dark night
Bm G Em A
Long time spent in toil and hardship
Bm A
Seeking only heaven’s light
G D/F# A D
Longing for heaven’s light

D / D (DA#EG) / D / (EA#DF#) /

D G Em A
I believe winter pays for summer
There is no other way
Bm G Em A
There can’t be one without the other
Bm A
A sacrifice must be made
G F#m Em D
And hope’s reward, a spring day

Bm A G
Oh a lonely, cold, dark winter
Bm Gma7 A
Hope lies dormant, no Presence felt
Bm A G
Good Friday’s stark bare altar
Em A
There in the silence He dwells

Beg for the grace to follow the Master
A gift He longs to give
Embrace your cross and discover
We die to self and live
Victory alone is His

T’was the third hour Sunday morning
In the silence creation stirred
The Holy One rose resplendent
Ever true to His word

We will see the sun rising
After the long, dark night
Long lives spent, suffering and loving
Then welcomed to Heaven’s Light
Nevermore the dark of night
Living in your Holy Light
Nevermore the dark of night

3/19/09 3/20/09 3/21/09 © 2009 Paul Lisney