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Sleeping Souls

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The Catholic Church teaches us about victim souls -those who suffer for the benefit of others. Though each person can offer themselves to God in this way, there are some who really suffer in an extraordinary way for the good of others. They (and we) do this not by our own merrit but through Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

Sleeping Souls

Everyone is scarred
Yes, we all are broken
No one has immunity
Everyone is marred
But many hide behind
A mask of porcelain,
Blemish free

The autumn leaves they fall
And sadness moves within me
Oh how eagerly some find fault
Above a sunless sky
Heaven is not smiling
Oh the grey clouds
How they want to cry

It’s you, it’s not me,
It’s you, they say
Don’t they know that the beam is in the way?
It is you, it’s not me
It is you they say
I do my part, keep the law,
I’ll be with the Lord on judgment day

Among us there are some
Who tread his hallowed footsteps
In whom there’s no duplicity
Oh, how they love!
Entwined with Him, they suffer
Broken and shared, offered for us

We are all broken
All need redemption
Rise up, awaken
Sleeping souls

© 2010 Paul Lisney 9/26 - 10/04/10