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So Beautiful

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This was written for my wife, Julie.

        So Beautiful

I walk with her, she walks with me
Never alone, always three
I hear your thoughts now , What does he mean?
Well, there’s the two of us , and the Lord makes three

True love is hard, it has to be
In sacrifice, there’s no room for ‘me’
Shouldn’t love come easier? I hear you say
Look upon the Lord of love who died to save

It’s a hard life, but a good life
Bittersweet, one might say
It’s a hard life , but such a good life
So beautiful, I’d say

I’m part of her , she’s part of me
But we don’t always agree
How do we make it when times are hard?
The Lord, He shelters us in His loving arms

At night we say our prayers
My hand reaches to touch her hair
A prayer of protection, thanks and love
That strengthens us in faith and trust .

We choose to love, we choose to be
I’ll walk with her and she’ll walk with me
I prayed to love her as the Lord loves me
He smiled, so high above and turned the key

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