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Mist Of Mercy

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This is about have true contrition for our sins now rather than waiting until the end of our lives.

       Mist Of Mercy 

Intro: CaddD

Mist of Mercy heal my wounded soul
so darkened and disfigured by my sinful ways
The wrong I’ve done, the many fa—–– lls,
Fm–––––C/G—––F/G––G7-I: C Dm7 Em Fma7 G :I
Help me accept both large and small

Mist of Mercy heal my wounded heart
Return the love that couldn’t live within the walls
hardened by pain and by pride
Dissolve these walls and come inside

—––Dm7————G––––––––––C—–G#dim7– Am
Don’t wait ’til I have passed from here to the other side
Visit me now and let true sorrow reside
F———––G–––––––––––C——G#dim7– Am
Cleanse my heart and make me pure so I may see
the wonders in store for all who will believe

Mist of Mercy hide me from the world
And in your quiet room I will reflect and learn
to see myself through Our Lord’s eyes
And make amends before I die

(C) 2010 Paul Lisney