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The Promise

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This is the story of Abraham and Isaac and how this prefigures the Eternal Sacrifice of Jesus.

   The Promise        

Intro: ¾ Em D C G Cm G Am B7
Em D C G Cm G D Em

    Em                  G                 D              Em

To a mountain far away, and at God’s command
Old Abraham went with his son
C G B7 Em
He was years without the heir promised him by the Lord
Am B7 Em
Then unto Sarah their child was born

     Em             G            D              Em

Isaac carried the wood his father had cut
To burn on the altar to God
C G B7 Em
I see fire, I see wood, but father, where’s the sacrifice?
Am B7 Em
God Himself the lamb will provide

          Em                D 

For The Promise was made
Em D
From God to man
C G D Em
You’ll be father to nations, Abraham
Em D
How then can it be?
Em D
Lord, I don’t understand
C G B7 Em
But Thy will be done, cried Abraham

    Em              G       D                     Em

Abraham, an old man, bound his only son
And laid him on the altar to die
C G B7 Em
Isaac was a young man, quick and strong
Am B7 Em
But obedient to his father, he complied

Em D Em D
Abraham raised his arm ready to strike
C G D B7
Then an angel appeared in a flash of light
Em D C G
Stay your hand says the Lord, your faith is true
Cm G D B7 Em
All I have promised shall be done through you

For the Promise was made
From God to man
Your obedience brought blessings, Abraham
For salvation will come from Abraham’s line
More will enter the kingdom than stars in the sky

To a mountain He went at God’s command
With the cross He carried for mankind
The eternal offering, perfect: without sin
God Himself the lamb did provide

For The Promise was made
From God to man
More shall enter the kingdom than grains of sand
For humility heals
And obedience stands
For all those who follow the Son of Man

© 2009 Paul Lisney 3/04/09 -3/10/09

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Oh yes. Fabulous.

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

moooooost excellent!! a very poetical,,polished musical,,, statement/testament, though i am perhaps of the same tempement as you,,, i find this piece quite stunning,,, well done r

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Soothing music for the soul.

The Rose Serum Sextet's avatar
The Rose Serum Sextet said

Liking what I hear so far, but I'm a sucker for mandolin stylings. Great vocals.