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all my love in vein

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this is a traditional blues tune originally recorded 77 years ago by the legendary robert johnson . since then everyone from the stones to clapton have had a go at it ,i have tried to bring it back to it’s starting point IE: a man , an old cheap microphone , and a cheap national resonater style guitar . i also added a little brite room effect to emulate the kansas city hotel room sound where johnson recorded all 25 or so sides and i also dumped a whole bunch of scratchy 78RPM record sound on top of it all ….enjoy

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Gary Fox said

I love the lo-fi tone on this. Very cool, and you have a perfect vocal delivery for this.

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Rick Phillips said

Great job on this one Chris! Love the sound.

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Dave Berry said

Holy frig brother, this is intense how good this is... sheeeet thats the goods.

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Sandy Gritt said

wow! A superb dusting! whatta a sound you achieved here! Love the tune and love what you have done with it. A real gem.

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Dave Berry said

One of the best things I have heard in a while, it is raw with feeling and truth.

Guest said

Well done!!

Guest said

This was a pleasant trip to deep south. I love the record player feel and its been years since I've heard a dobro. This is really good vintage sounding peice.

Guest said

Holy crap thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kirklynch said

Wonderful version of a classic!

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launched said

Sweeeeeeeet!!!! Love it!!