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Indulgent and Sensitive

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A quick little indulgence.

Got a new toy this week (valhalla shimmer). Just had to totally overuse it.

Now to eat some chocolate.

twirretwarre's avatar
twirretwarre said

This was lovely! Yes, new toys are so great! haha! You keep playing and we enjoy! :-) Roeleke

Guest said

Wonderful guitarsound. Really love this one!

Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

very calming...zzzzzz happy dreams.

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice tone.

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Reefwalker said

Love the FX's man. sublime! Would like to hear more of this.

Eugene Hammond's Ramshackle Black Packard's avatar
Eugene Hammond's Ramshackle Black Packard said


Guest said

Gorgeous, melting sounds! Loving this little indulgence - and yes, now *I* also want chocolate. Brilliant - more of similar, please? Tess

Galileo's Cough Drop's avatar
Galileo's Cough Drop said

Lovely. That plugin is big mojo!

Guest said

beautiful,relaxing and mind soothing guitar launched sounds...almost feel the whirling:0 nice man!

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Mr Sandbags said

Love your new sound :)

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kirklynch said

Beautiful sounds!

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Rhonie said

very nice!

Guest said

Sweet , if it is worth using, it is worth over using.