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Piano Sonata One 3rd mov

Uploaded .

somehow i wandered in this very different direction

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Norm said


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thetworegs said

A captivating set excellently played

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Faintest said

Its nice but just when I thought it was too progression-y at aroun 3 min, the piece changed direction. The mood stayed the same though. Nice work.

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Rhonie said

beautiful.... soothing.... peaceful.... retrospective.... contemplative.... evocative - love it!

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Johnny Stone said

Absolutely Brilliant Mate.

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launched said

Love it!

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somno project said

Hi Richard, thanks for your words, actually Mt. Aconcagua his called "america's roof" there's no other mount taller than aconcagua in the continent, so great adventure congrats!. i hope to upload a few more songs next week. i'll take a look on your tunes now! cheers! diego

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vaisvil said

Richard thank you so much for your support. I don't have a problem with simple though it is not something I strive for. Talking to God is hampered more by my inability at the keybaord. However I could not have written that piece on my guitar. I have great respect and admiration for someone like yourself who has command of the keyboard. I have a heck of a time putting to hands together to make something. Chris

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Lalo Oceja said

I really loved your complete piano sonata Richard, it's a really good and complete work!....... yes! let's do something together now!

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Reefwalker said

wow !, I almost missed this. I really enjoy your piano pieces, I think the transitions are very addictive.

Guest said

Sounds so lonely and melancholy. Truly lovely, beautifully played and I like the different melodies in there, very pretty.

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vaisvil said

Nice! - I like how it turns into a prog rock piece almost about 1:40 ish

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kirklynch said

What beautiful melodies!

Guest said

Oh, and what a beautiful direction it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alister Flint said

wow, brilliant! sounds like 4 movements-in-one, and the progression is so well balanced and arranged, it's almost "invisible" - bravo!

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da gubbamint said

dis is da bomb.