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Race Against Time

Rick Phillips

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Deadlines, freeways, appointments, things to do lists, expectations, getting older, not enough hours in the day to get everything done? ….. make each day and moment count! Thanks to Dave Matthews for a lick I threw in there. Enjoy!

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Thats a beautiful song, I like the changes.

Guest said

cool guitar work...

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Reefwalker said

3 nice change ups here and good guitar flow and tone though the whole piece Rick.

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James Michael Taylor said

That is a very cool groove. The sort of thing that keeps me going until I have a very cool new song.

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Thats fantastic. I love you guitar sound.

Guest said

Dang that's a purty guitar and sounds great! kavin.

corbinSound's avatar
corbinSound said

again stunning

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

Lovin' this... w;-)

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Wildgeas Music said

Wow nice sounding acoustic on a cracker jack tune. A-1 Rick.

Guest said

Oh lovely, lovely, lovely. I could have this on replay all day. Wish!

Guest said

Awesome Dad, I love it! love, tiana

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Rick Phillips said

Thanks folks! the percussion loops I used are recorded/bundled with the editing software, just picked some good ones :)

Guest said

Great sound Rick! Your fingering speed has really picked up. How did you do the percussion background? Dad

Guest said

Very're good brother Rick.

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Norm said


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Jason Earls said

nice one! like the change at :45 or so.

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kirklynch said

Great stuff man!

Guest said

cool tune.

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