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Tsunami's A Comin Again!

Rick Phillips

Prayers to the folks in Japan, We dodged a bullet in Hawaii!

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Jason Earls said

man i dig this blues jam, so cool!

Movement To Contact said

Need more jams from you Rick!!! :)

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

-yeah, man. : )

..; thanks and thanks for checking out mi stuff. Best!

Rick Phillips said

Thank you folks, two tracks one take each through GarageBand effects with my Acoustic :)

Guest said

Agree with Geas - cool sounds, Mr P!

richardlaceves said

very well done,is this done by putting together several takes? sounds great

Wildgeas Music said

Raw and refreshing. Extra cool jam Rick.

Jason Earls said

oohhh man, wicked good blues guitar!

epimeison said

Very good one Rick!!

launched said

Very tumultuous! I felt the vibe here. Cool Dick Dale on steroids riffage!

Movement To Contact said

Nice one bud! Glad it missed you, now hurry and crank out another one before the next wave :)

kavin. said

aint it good too be alive and playin guitar!

Lil' mar mar said

crazy good energy. was it because it was coming or missed you? guitar tone is superb.

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