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Pearl Diver

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This song has been hobbling around half-written in my psyche for eons, and it took the RPM Challenge to finally finish it!

Like many of my generation, my first peek into the world of women (and what they looked like under their clothes) was National Geographic magazine. I remember an article about the women who dive for pearls in Japan. They harvested them topless (due to custom), even though the water was very cold. I was amazed at the sight of these beautiful, half-naked women plunging into the water, armed with knives. It seemed so gorgeously surreal. It certainly left an imprint on my impressionable mind.

the bearded men stood up and left the room.'s avatar

Man, I think I remember that NG! Great song.

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him the soft heart said


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Dan McHale said

I enjoyed this. The beat and ambience evoke the subject. Diving into "the blue" is a good theme. I made made a short film about a diver. You can see it here:

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Circuit Tree said

can't get enough of BPS

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David Marcouillier said

This song gets stuck in my head. Undertones of Pavement and Wilco.

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David Marcouillier said

this sounds familiar but fresh. i think that's something to strive for...

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Rob and Laura said

Absolutely perfect. I love your sound here so much. (I hope you don't mind if I download your album: I'm pretty sure it'll be in constant rotation for a while.)