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Day Of Rest '12

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This was an RPM track back in the day, and I’ve been playing it various ways to find a setting for it within the band repertoire. This doesn’t sound much like our band would do it but it came out nicely, so i thought i’d share it.

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World War Nine said

Sounds a little Dylanesque, love it.

Guest said

Surprising how one song can be played in many different ways and still retain it's individuality.

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slkrell said

Alone tone needs more of this a few less mixes Faved

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slkrell said

Oh, my this is great stuff! You got a real sound here. More more more

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Sister Savage said


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rob mills said

Hey Stu, people are asking if you're gonna be RPM-ing this year. Hope so!

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Mike Mclaren said

I love pure folk tunes like this. Nice work.

Guest said

good to hear

Guest said

very good man

Guest said

nice track!

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Cave Street said

Most excellent, Stu! I'm looking forward to hearing some band tracks... do you have something posted under a different account?

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rob mills said

Oh Stu, you never disappoint! Beautiful.

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Dirty Spirits said

wonderful! what a treat. so glad to see your return.

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thetworegs said

Love it....

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate like that.